Time Machine
作者: Joel Yliluoma



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此视频是其一部分与光线追踪比赛(SCC5)。这场比赛原本是由Paul·Bourke2008进行。这是一个新的渲染使用的原版的源代码。但有一些小的更改代码,为了POV-Ray 3.7解析。


My first idea for this submission was as follows: "a light sparkling show with an object in center and some bits circling it". I wrote that into a file, and then began writing povray code. For the center object, I thought of making a crystal cluster, as in one you might find in a mine, mineral crystals. I decided to construct it from boxes merged together in an angular construction, created with a loop. As for texture and other properties, I had just one thought: It must shine a lot of light. So I made it slightly transparent, put an emissive media in it, put a light source in the center, and even put a haze-like thing over it to add a HDRI-like light gloss effect. I wanted to preserve some details in it, so eventually I ended up moving the lightsource outside though. After the center object was done, I decided to use the same engine that created the center object (function Y), for creating the circling bits. I experimented a lot with what the bits should look like, and through trial I settled on the semi transparent cubes that look like rose petals. For motion, the original idea was to make everything revolve around. After some experimentation, I found that constant revolution would be too dizzying, because there's just 100 frames and if I want a complete loop, it must rotate fast. So I made them rock back and forth. Same for the center bit. In the center bit, I introduced three different levels of motion, and after experimenting, it reminded me of a time machine so that's how this animation got its name.


作者:Joel Yliluoma
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视频帧: 200
像素: 384 000 000
射线: 110 501 406 400
处理器秒: 616 772


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