Time Machine
von Joel Yliluoma

Dieses Video wurde mit POV-Ray aus den folgenden 469 Bytes an Code erzeugt:


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Dieses Video ist Teil der fünften Runde des POV-Ray Short Code Contests, welcher von Paul Bourke in 2008 veranstaltet wurde. Dise Seite präsentiert ein neues Rendering von dem originalen Quellcode, wobei hier und da einige kleinen syntaktische Änderungen vorgenommen werden mussten, damit POV-Ray 3.7 den Code versteht.

Kommentar des Autors

My first idea for this submission was as follows: "a light sparkling show with an object in center and some bits circling it". I wrote that into a file, and then began writing povray code. For the center object, I thought of making a crystal cluster, as in one you might find in a mine, mineral crystals. I decided to construct it from boxes merged together in an angular construction, created with a loop. As for texture and other properties, I had just one thought: It must shine a lot of light. So I made it slightly transparent, put an emissive media in it, put a light source in the center, and even put a haze-like thing over it to add a HDRI-like light gloss effect. I wanted to preserve some details in it, so eventually I ended up moving the lightsource outside though. After the center object was done, I decided to use the same engine that created the center object (function Y), for creating the circling bits. I experimented a lot with what the bits should look like, and through trial I settled on the semi transparent cubes that look like rose petals. For motion, the original idea was to make everything revolve around. After some experimentation, I found that constant revolution would be too dizzying, because there's just 100 frames and if I want a complete loop, it must rotate fast. So I made them rock back and forth. Same for the center bit. In the center bit, I introduced three different levels of motion, and after experimenting, it reminded me of a time machine so that's how this animation got its name.


Author:Joel Yliluoma
Webseite des Authors:bisqwit.iki.fi/
Originale ID:qwoaqw
Quellcodegröße:469 Bytes
Quellcode:lang | kurz


Frames: 200
Pixel: 384 000 000
Strahlen: 110 501 406 400
CPU-Sekunden: 616 772


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