Re-renders of the POV-Ray Short Code Contest

by Jeff Reifel
1st place winner
by Tekno Frannansa
2nd place winner
by Peterson Trethewey
3rd place winner
Rainbow Block Ripple
by Bill Pragnell
honourable mention
by Alex Kluchikov
honourable mention
The Bridge
by Leroy
honourable mention
by Denis Chassaing
honourable mention
Contact with another Dimension
by Pete Lozano
honourable mention
Through the Menger Sponge
by Mikihiko Nishiara
Plasma Flowers
by Alex Kluchikov
Time Machine
by Joel Yliluoma
by Denis Chassaing


These Videos are part of the POV-Ray Short Code Contest #5 which was originally published by Paul Bourke in 2008. They are re-renderings of the original POV-Ray source code at a higher resolution and frame rate, although here and there a dot had to be added in the source in order to get POV-Ray 3.7 to parse it. The videos are encoded with the VP9 codec.

If you are the author of one of the Videos and would like something changed, simply contact me.

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